Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays, everyone. :}} I hope it will be an amazing year for all of you! Thank you for all the support, so much!

These photos are actually from spring, from my birthday. This is how I decorated the rooms in my flat. :}

This was my favorite, I called it the "chill tent" ;D
These are from when I did the photoshoot with the flower crowns, I always have to test stuff first on myself ;D And I made those by myself, by the way. :}

he told stories about mermaids that die in her eyes

how we burned down my sauna and other fun in summer

So I just keep thinking that my photography sometimes doesn't give a right idea about what kind of a person I actually am. Since this is my blog, I thought I will be posting some more personal stuff from the past (and in the future). :}
For those who are not interested in it, sorry, new photos will come soon enough. :}

Some most eventful parties happened during the summer of 2009. On Vika's birthday (she was one of my first models and a best friend) we went to my countryside for 3 days. It was incredibly fun: bonfires, songs, nights and misty dawns, but on the third morning we woke up (though we just went to sleep ;D) from strange strange noises, though we didn't realize what's happening, all of us thought that we were dreaming.
So, yeah, it was the sound of flames licking the wood and roof.  and we burned down my sauna. Completely. I haven't been that scared in my whole life, I thought all of my countryside will turn to ashes, but thanks to some nice firemen everything ended quite well.
 some of us infront of a brilliantly red fire engine.
this is what's left of my sauna.
 some of us cried.
the others thought it was funny.
the firemen
But before all this happened, we did have such a great time!

And after this, I still say, LIVE WILDLY. unless it's not worth it.

I love love all the misty dawns there, it's always so beautiful. :}

and my ships were sailing

Just a few photos from the shoot that I didn't show before, with a different editing. I played around a bit. :}
I have two already edited photo shoots on the way, but it's cold and I don't know when I'll be doing the next one..

Model is Ieva.

forgotten memories and lost spaces

So I just got a few rolls of film back. These three first photos are from this summer. And I know I'm no good at film photography, but I sort of need it, they are my living memories.
and it's completely amazing that I even have all the rest of them, because they are from like three years ago, I took them in 2007 (I think) and I had no idea they even exist, I thought I lost it long time ago. When Brigita told me she would get my rolls developed and I gave her this one, I thought this was from this summer, so oh, how surprised I was when she sent me all the pictures and I didn't even understood where they came from. But this is the magic of film photography. Then all the memories came rushing back. I always thought that year 2006 and year 2007 was the best years of my life in some sense, so it's nice to remember that feeling.
 On our way to concert of Alina Orlova (click on the link and go listen to her!! she's one of the best Lithuanians we've got, for sure), there was this amazing tree with all these swings. I wish I could fly with them now. The view was wonderful there, sea everywhere you turn. the word on the sand is "cosmos"

(this last one is from this summer too)

I missed film. There are some more "lost" rolls somewhere at Mykolas place, have to get them back. And I also have some more from this summer, but I have to finish the roll first.

crowns and roses

Models are Lora Kmielauskaitė and Natalija Ivanova.
Styling, photography, edit by me.
Make up by all of us.

I wanted to do a darker version of flower crowns, but it still is a bit too positively dreamy as I was carried away, they were just lovely :}

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