fields of whispers

Model Varūna Marcinkevičiūtė
Hair, style, edit, photography by me.
I love her freckles!!

Inspired by this: (Oscar Falk)
And this: (had a better screenshot, but can't find it anymore)

And Virgin Suicides, though I guess a lot of my shots are inspired by it ;D

miss don't care

Model Ieva Žeromskaitė
The last part of the photoshoot of that day.

follow her down to a bridge by a river

Second part of the photoshoot with Ieva.
The dress is old, it's her mom's.
It was so much fun! We were actually laughing the whole time (at least I was ;D), behind the scenes later in my facebook.

sinking like a siren that can't sing no more

Model Ieva Žeromskaitė. (more, more and more of her in the past)
Hair and make up done by both of us.

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"I live by the ocean
And during the night
I dive into it
Down to the bottom
Underneath all currents
And drop my anchor
This is where I´m staying
This is my home"

Dream Weaver II

Second part with this little wonder girl, Gintare

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