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so I'm back with a photoshoot from November (it's one of my favorites so far). I always upload to my facebook page earlier than anywhere else, so if you want to see photos first, follow it. These photos were uploaded to the page two months ago, I think, (;D well, usually it takes only few days...)

Models are Gintarė, Beata and Brigita. Three of my beautiful red haired girls united. :}}
Photography, edit, styling, make up by me.

I took every single thing from my home. I have like ten flower crowns like these hanging everywhere and there are a lot more roses. This is what it's like when your mom owns flower shops and you work there too.

New year, new camera

So happy new year!
First of all, I have a new camera, finally. 5D Mark II. I don't know how long I've been saving for it. ;D
My New Year's party was amaaazing,
this is me Before and After it. ;D (yeah, on the left one I'm holding my new camera. :}} )

So now some pictures from Christmas,
My room,

My sister Dovilė. :} 

My sister Ugnė and my cousin Dorothy

Pictures from my London trip with Vika. Summer 2010.
We met some amazing people there.
London Zoo. I liked this weirdo. :}}
ahh, big kitties. ;D
I wanted this dress, 

And some more exploring in Vilnius, also from summer.
Mykolas, one of the best ;P
weird fingers and beautiful rain 
My room again.

my film camera. :} (zenit e)
my sister. she's reading Harry Potter! (HP forever,)
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