London, The Killers and Kaiser Chiefs

So I went to London for a few days and sometimes I am amazed by the number of things you can do in such a limited time.
First of all, I saw so many interesting people, it would have been a joy to take pictures of all of them, but, obviously, I couldn't do that, so just one small example above. I wish I knew a person here in Lithuania who would have bright hair like that. These eyebrows are inspiring too.

So now about the most amazing thing. I had only one full day at London, so I didn't even check if any of my favorite bands were performing anywhere near, because I really didn't think that I would have time or that there actually was a good concert. Oh, was I wrong..
We were just chilling near Hyde Park and I was wondering why there were so many people. And then I heard that THE KILLERS are playing there that night and I completely freaked, I just ran to the ticket queue with my sister and while we were buying tickets I heard KAISER CHIEFS and then I just lost it and I ran through mud like crazy (it was pouring the whole evening). It was just Oh my God, I can't believe it (like conveniently said Kaiser Chiefs), because music and seeing my favorite bands live is something I live for. I usually prepare myself for big concerts for months, learn all the lyrics and wait before the doors open to be in the first line, so this was absolutely unreal and unexpected, but we had such an amazing time.:}
My sister and our new friend, who is world's best clarinetist, owns a yacht and is richer than Brandon Flowers (The Killers vocalist), at least according to him. ;D
Me and my sister filmed a little on our phones, sorry for the terrible filming, I was too excited.;D
And that's not me screaming in the background,
 Songs: Human, Mr. Brightside, Jenny was a Friend of Mine (my favorite) and All These Things That I've Done.

But it's such a pity that I listened to Kaiser Chiefs not from the beginning and I didn't know that The Kills were also playing there on the other stage and that the next day Bon Jovi performed, but I had to leave...

My sister Dovile:
Some things that I bought in London:

little brother

my little brother :} these are from Easter at my father's house.

candles in the wind

Model, make up: Ieva
Photography, edit, styling, hair by me.

So many things went wrong that April day... It was Ieva's last day in Lithuania, so we had to do it, even though weather forecast predicted us a huge storm. I had to pick a different, more convenient place if we had to stop and hide. We were quite lucky, as it didn't rain hard, but the wind was incredibly strong and I wanted to shoot with lots of candles... So this is not what I initially planned, we're probably going to give it another try when Ieva comes back.
I loved that dress in the wind,

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