cities sleep inside our heads

and sometimes we're frightened
and alone
between these cold lights,
so we create another stories, houses, streets and lives
and keep them in our minds
Models, make up: Ula and Camille
Photography, edit, props: me

This is a fourth part of my new project "State of Mind: The Dreamers". First one was the one with a boat, and the other parts are coming soon too.

let's dance to joy division and celebrate the irony

everything is going wrong,
but we're so happy!

this is a post of my summer fun and parties.
my parents and sisters were away for few weeks, so Victoria moved in with me.
these are from a party, it was 7am and we went to a shop to buy some pizza. ;D (yeah, Vika doesn't need pants..) we had an amazing time that night.
The next day Tadas borrowed Vika's robe with piggies and went to his band practice.

it was such a beautiful evening, we went out to the park with Tadas. 

 we built a huge tent/fort in my living room (as in the movie "The Dreamers") and we slept, listened to music, watched movies there.

Tadas during Deep Purple's "Child in Time". (it's an amazingly touching song as you can see ;D)

This weekend I've been to a metal festival called "Lentpjūvė", I missed metal so it was really nice, I still can't move my neck and I feel like my bones were broken.

"Wulture" on stage.

I slept only for maybe an hour in the festival and had to drive for 3 hours to get home (normally it would take 2 hours, but I didn't really see the road ;D), so we stopped a few times so that I could rest a little. We did a little picnic then.

The same day we got back home we celebrated Victoria's birthday.

julia in the bush. don't ask me why. nothing makes any sense with us.

and  tomorrow I'm uploading a new photoshoot. :}

HP and The End.

I dreaded this date (2011.07.13) for so long. That was the day I watched the last (this word sounds so terrible when I'm talking about this) Harry Potter film. I can't even begin to describe how much Harry Potter means to me, how it shaped me all my life until now and I really feel that I would be a different person if it never existed. It really influenced my pictures, all that longing for magic.. I can't believe that it's over, the constant waiting, the unspeakable excitement I always felt before new books and movies appeared... I truly believe I will never ever read any book this many times. I will never ever read anything through the night, (until very last words of the last page, because I just couldn't put it away). I will never cry or laugh that hard, I will never feel so close to the characters and love all of them with such passion. And yes, Harry will always be alive and will stay in a very special place inside my heart with all my best childhood experiences, but I can't help it, it makes me feel so depressed. For the first time in my life (and I know that it sounds stupid) I'm not really sure what exciting things are waiting for me in the future. And it's scary. So this is also for you, if you know how I feel..

can't you feel it, spring has come

some photos from the beginning of the spring. in the one above it's me, taken by my sister Dovile ( though I had to do a lot of editing to save it ;D)
In the one below it's both of us. Such a contrast between us. ;D


comissioned photoshoot with a lovely and beautiful girl, from spring. (she was so scared of bees and other bugs. ;D)

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