I don't think that you're going to see anything like this soon, because for now I'm not going to take pictures in weddings and I did these two mainly for practice (and of course special circumstances..)
So this first wedding is actually... my father's. Now I have huge strange family (a stepmother, a stepfather, each has their own children and I have half-brothers too).
While walking in the old town some children from school started clapping for us.

I think that they were the most excited when I told them to go in the middle of the street to take pictures. They kept telling that story to every guest ;D
I just hope they will be very happy for a long time. :}

Also, few weeks before my uncle got married too.

through the mist we ran like hell

in one of the last summer weekends we went to my countryside for "Romuva" camp afterparty. It was just breathtakingly foggy and beautiful. We sang folk songs near the bonfire, we played guitars and drums and survived a horror-ish nocturnal attack of mutant hornets.
Travel through the mist with this amazing song "Summer Smoke" by "Cemeteries" (go listen to him, he's not only very talented and for some reason still not known, but is also a very nice person, as he very kindly replied to my comments about his music and he even said my pictures are incredible). 

the summer smoke 
filled up the sky
and then she spoke:
"let's kill tonight"
6am, we still haven't slept. Chasing mysteries.

Celebrating the Sun.

the linden that bloomed from your eyelashes

This is a second part of the photoshoot that I did with Gintare back in May. I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to show you the first (main) part soon, because this one was just for fun.

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