graveyard mind or All Beauty Must Die

Editorial featured in the third issue of AVA magazine.
Photography, styling, editing, props: me
Model: Kamile Tumelyte

This is from June. Fifth and the last part of my project "The Dreamers: State of Mind"
It got pretty dark..

 It's hard to keep dreaming. To appreciate beauty around you so greatly, that you feel like bursting into the smallest pieces. This last part of the project is what happens when your dreams go terribly wrong, when you're nearly losing it.
The world keeps pushing us, dreamers, away with all the terrible things happening, all the people who bring us down in different ways and tell us that we have to wake up and accept reality as it is: rotten. But I don't believe it. This world, The Nature can be so enchanting. Reality is not rotten. Just some people are. So I'll keep living as I do know - dreaming and creating my own wonders. And yes, maybe I will suffer, because I understand that "All beauty must die" and it will, but that's the path that I would always choose.

 And something else I've been thinking about a lot. When most of my photography is "pretty girls in pretty dresses" it drives me into a serious identity crisis. I keep balancing between two completely different sides of me, which you might not always see, because photography is the only way I know how to keep my darkness locked up. Because the stories I dream up might look magical and pretty, but I will never be like that and I'm definitely not naive, quite contrary - often I might seem like a really negative person. And that's the reason I will always stay alone. It's hard, but I know I will make my peace with this in the end. I never thought that I will have a peaceful nice life.
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