The Dreamers: State of Mind project

I realized that I never blogged all the project and all my thoughts about each piece.

It always fascinated me how mind works differently for every person, how their imagination can show reality in another light, so I started this project to explore that idea. I created a sort of "mindscapes" of some states of mind, concentrating on creative people. The kind who get too caught up with their imagination, who dreams so vividly, that detach themselves from the world and don't want to go back to reality.
I call them "the dreamers".
And this is their thoughts and dreams taking shape.

In a place of calm and tranquility, where magic of nature is concentrated, where you are the deepest in your own self, exploring mind, exploring spirit, accepting yourself exactly as you are.

A garden: man-made, but still full of beauty. Open your mind, take it all in.
you foster, water your curiosity until it sparkles,
and your knowledge grows

You notice imbalance and all the dissonances. Your thoughts are wanderers in the deep ocean of conflicting emotions, of misconceptions about the world, the other people, you. And the storm starts.
Cities suppress the soul, a symbol of artificiality, of external beauty. This is when you realize it's not a place for you. The need to escape, to be anywhere but here.

This is what happens when your dreams go terribly wrong, when you realize how little most of the people actually care about what's happening around them, how no one really cares about you and what you're trying to achieve. Horrible hate creeps in, clutches on every fibre of your being and grips your lungs with gloominess until you can hardly even breath. Because you can dream. But that won't change the world and you'll never be strong enough to make a difference. So you're losing all the trust in the world and reality, you wish and dream for another place so hard that you can't tell what's real anymore, (because it can't possibly be real), you start being delusional and on the brink of losing your mind.

  It's hard to keep dreaming. To appreciate beauty around you so greatly, that you feel like bursting into the smallest pieces. The world keeps pushing us, dreamers, away with all the terrible things happening, all the people who bring us down in different ways and tell us that we have to wake up and accept reality as it is (rotten). But I don't believe it. This world, The Nature can be so enchanting. Reality is not rotten. Just some people are. So I'll keep living as I do know - dreaming and creating my own wonders. And yes, maybe I will suffer, because I understand that "All beauty must die" and it will, but that's the path that I would always choose.

painting with light

Almost all of these were done for an university project "Painting with Light", which is recreating famous paintings on film. We had a several to choose from, you can try and guess which ones I did. I didn't really like the outcome (some of these are just quick tests to show anything at all to the tutor), but it was nice to start shooting some more film.
Models: Gintare, Gerda, Brigita

Model is Tasha
Model is Ruta
Models: Sasha and Maria
Models are Maria, Adam, Toni and Simas
And a few pictures from my room back in the halls

when I wept, my tears froze into ghostly rivers

Models: Monika @ Image group and Ieva @ modelteam
Stylist: Vaidile Vasiliauskaite

Featured in Atlas magazine.
Shot back in January for uni.

Once upon a time there were two sisters, who had an evil witch for a mother. One day she gave them a bow and made them go into the snowy woods and said not to return without a still body of a white fox. Sisters loved animals, so they couldn't hurt the foxes. Instead they dropped the bow and decided to run away. The witch found out about the runaways soon enough, her eyes glowed red with hatred and betrayal and she just had to hunt them down. First she filled the forest with poisonous fog, but the sisters just became sleepy and didn't stop going. They were running for three days, when the older sister cut her finger on a claw-like branch with long crooked fingers. The younger sister tried to take care of the wound, but only got blood all over her own scratched hands. Sisters began to feel even sleepier and slowly drifted into a deep slumber, never to wake up again. They froze into beautiful ice sculptures and white foxes would sleep in their eternally cold embrace.


Romuva camp & Black Horned Moon

In the middle of August I went to Romuva, old Baltic religion and culture camp for the sixth time. The word Romuva has meanings of "temple" and "sanctuary", but also "abode of inner peace". This time I only spent a weekend there, so didn't get to take many pictures. Some magical things happen every year, this time it was sound of the bagpipes in the night somewhere on the mountain, mythical creatures swimming in the swamps and stars that sometimes fall and we shout at them. Even if things change a lot every year, I still say about this place that if you ever went there, you won't be searching for home anymore. Pictures from the last year and from 2010 are on my blog.
We spent the whole morning baking this dark bread with garlic and salt, don't think other countries have it, you don't know what you're missing out on (perfect for beer and kvass).
Group hug on the last evening and some speeches that always make you want to cry a bit
A week later I went to a festival named Menuo Juodaragis, or Black Horned Moon in English. It is a festival of contemporary Baltic culture focusing on the heritage of pagan tradition, Baltic culture revival, post-folk trends and avant-garde of contemporary music. We had such a lovely time, as always, even though it rained all the time.
She's Vėtra Trinkūnaitė, daughter of krivis (Lithuanian's highest pagan priest). She has an amazing voice, in the festival she performed with Cruachan.
me by Joginte

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