how soon is now

Some portraits that I shot on black and white film in the spring.
The top portrait of Sasha is one of my favorites, freckles!
The ones with Sasha were taken on Canon EOS-3 with my own canon 50mm f/1.4 lens

And this is lovely Eleanor (I love her haircut so much!), took these using Vivitar with 50mm lens, but don't remember what specifically, because I borrowed it from uni store for some reason.
Camera was my lightmeter, so took some digital pictures too

we watch the trees turn into skeletons

Some pictures from a portrait project that I had in uni, had to take pictures of three people that do something interesting. Didn't really go well by the brief, but oh well, a lot of these pictures are just for myself.
These are of the incredibly talented photographer Katie Eleanor
 And you might remember lovely Maria that I shot with before

 And heyyy, surprise, I shot some portraits of a guy! The project would have been too similar, so I wanted to try some different things. He is a pianist named Aretas.


I wept the stars for so long one night, that shiny rivers flooded all the cosmos
then it exploded and I fell
into a deepest well of slumber
in foreign land forever lost
I wallow in the shadows
now even flowers cry
there's only darkness in the dome of sky
Model: Andrea @ Leni's models
Make up and hair: Siobhan Drew
Stylist: Jaclyn Bethany
Assistant: Selene Alexia Christodoulou
Published in Pony Anarchy magazine
The shoot that we did in June, when Jaclyn Bethany of Audrey Grace Boutique contacted me (you should  check her work, because she's amazing).  It's one of my favorites now. :}


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