doubtful comforts

 This year is at the end, and it feels impossible. I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, this wasn't a good year for me and I haven't been taking many pictures. I still have like three shoots to release from this year, one is coming out in a magazine soon and I'm currently working on my dissertation for university, so I'm not sure when I'm going to release everything.
Here are some pictures of my cute little cousin twins christening, foggy sunset was the most gorgeous ever.

my cousin, sisters and me 
and some of my little brothers
my sisters and my mum. I'm the black sheep

play along

 New editorial out in Flanelle Magazine
Stylist: Ūla Urbonavičiūtė
Make up: Ema Vasiliauskaitė
Model: Gintarė Jareckaitė @ Ruta model management

  it's a story about a girl who is different, dreams of castles and faraway lands, but has a hard time fitting in with the other kids. She tries to look cool pretending to be like them, but is too shy, so just watches them playing games from afar.

I tried something different that I'm not going to try again. Sometimes I get so tired of putting proper editorials together, the ones that I want to make props for and tell magical stories. It takes so much energy to do everything and in the end it's usually still not as I wanted it to turn out. A lot of times I want to shoot just with the person I'm taking pictures of, something not planned, just go out there and explore.. This one was easy to me in that way, I didn't really have to prepare a lot and all the preparation work was on the stylist (thank you, Ūla!)
Still, even if I enjoyed shooting this, I look at it and it's so not me. I'm going to focus more on stories that feels more personal and mine.

and all the girls with heads inside a dream

I'm still not really used to film, but in some shoots I shoot on both film and digital. Usually it takes me too long to scan and retouch film shots to put into the same blog post with the main shoot, but here are some from my past shoots (and a few sneak peeks of the future projects).
These first pictures of Ieva was shot on Pentax MZ-50 (the ones where she's outside) and Canon AE-1 (the ones in the room).
Shots of Mia where taken on Pentax MZ-50 on a rainy sunday afternoon last spring.

And the ones of Rosie where shot on my old Zenit e, it's focusing is just horrible so most of the shots were too soft even for my taste

revel in nostalgia

for autumn and all the places I want to see
growing up and still not wanting to let go

model is Gintare again, I think I'm going to continue taking pictures of her at least once in a year, because I already did that from 2010 and it should be interesting to look at her grow up in all these pictures. Especially because it was always so hard to tell her age, even when she was little. She's almost 17 now, but she still looks so much younger in some of the pictures.
We shot everything in my house back in Lithuania, love that flat so much.
And none of these are taken on film, though that was the initial idea. It was the evening of a very gloomy dark day and I only had a low ISO film.

childhood is suffocating in a pile of porcelain dolls.
because you think they're alive, moving once you close your eyes and you don't want them to be cold and sad.
like you are.
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