she hopes to open shadowed eyes

So Gintare is growing up! I realized that I've been taking her pictures from when she was 13, so has became like a long project of documenting her. Even if I don't live in Lithuania anymore, whenever I'm there I still always enjoy taking her portraits. These were shot in September
We love Twiggy!

there's no winter in her heart

I took all of these portraits last year in the spring, but I only scanned all the black and white ones now.
If you're following my blog for some time, you probably know Gintare and even if I'm not living in Lithuania anymore, she will keep coming back to this blog (I have another unreleased short shoot with her from the summer that I will share soon), as she's still that little wonder that made me fall in love with photography again a few years back when I got a bit stuck.
I am actually really stuck again now, but I'm not sitting still and there will be soon a lot of photo shoots to share, so bare with me. :} 

This is Maria Noone that I did another test shoot with before, and she's just lovely. I shot her with my zenit e, so quality is a bit terrible, but I like that grain.
These of Gintare and Gabija were taken on a Canon film camera, but I don't remember the type.
Another of Toni (that I also shot with before in "The Girl who played with Fire") and Mia taken on zenit e.

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