my body, a map

little portrait project for university.
Tasha. 9 tattoos
"My tattoos are incredibly important to me, each is thought out over long periods of time. The script on my right arm is a memorial for my father, it's written in Irish and reads 'Father, gone but not forgotten, i love you' , we have Irish heritage on his side and this way I could have this tattoo, but it's still private, and if anyone asks me about it I can decide if I want to talk about it. The characters on my left arm are from a film collection by Studio Ghibli, they also relate somewhat back to my Father, I have always adored these films and found myself watching them for comfort after he had died. I also have a large filigree and rose piece on my thigh, i had this when i turned 18, although there was no memory based significance for this tattoo, i had wanted it for a long time and still think its incredibly beautiful, a sign of my femininity if you will. I have a small cherry blossom on my neck/behind the ear, this was for the year anniversary of my Fathers death, Cherry blossoms symbolise extreme beauty, but a short life. For me, my tattoos have important meanings , but it's also incredible knowing that you have beautiful artwork on your body for the rest of your life. I see myself as a scrapbook that I'm going to fill with memories through the years of my life. "

Rebecca, 14 tattoos.
  "My most personal tattoo is in memory of my wonderful nan, she was such a positive influence on me when I was younger and I wanted her to be with me forever both in ink and spirit. Tattoo is on my leg, it's a personal thing for me, so it doesn't matter if people see it or not.”
Seb, 22 tattoos.
"Most of my tattoos were done by my cousin, he owns his own tattoo gun and wants to become an apprentice. It starts when I usually have an idea and we sketch it out straight onto me, when we're having pre drinks before going out. This then turned into bit of a going out ritual - we would have a few drinks, do a new tattoo then go out. The states we got into some times, I don't know how we finished them!''

Rebecca, 15 tattoos.
  "I was working in a tattoo shop from 16, just sweeping and making tea. When I was 18 I was learning to tattoo and I started collecting, none of my tattoos have any great significance, a few of them were done by myself as it's the best way to learn.
The majority of the work on me is just a collection of pretty pictures...teapots, cameras birds and flowers..I've never got 'personal' with a tattoo, and I don't know why. Saying that, having a heart on your knee from your ex gets pretty personal."

 Antanas, 7 tattoos
  "Roman numbers XXVI are 26 victories out of 28 fights I had in various kickboxing tournaments and it also coincides with my birthday. I also have a tattoo of word VALOR, which means courage, strength, it's like an encouragement for me. I have a tattoo of 4 roses and word “family” written under them, it symbolizes my devotion to family and how important it is to me. Other tattoos, like a woman, feather, compass are just to fill the empty space, nothing really personal. My skin is still a work in progress."

Beth, 3 tattoos.
  "I got the rosary beads when I was 17. I've always loved catholic art and imagery and have been collecting rosary beads since I was little. I would alway snap them (I broke a set just before I lost my virginity. Coincidence?) so I figured I'd get some rosary beads that were (hopefully) harder to break. My woman tattoo doesn't really have any meaning besides the word fate tattooed on her knuckles. My cat tattoo symbolise my love (or obsession) with cats. I've been a fan of the tattoo artist, Crispy Lennox for a while and I knew as soon as I saw the sketch of it that I had to have it."

 Heather, 6 tattoos.
 "Each one of my tattoos is a small reminder of things and people I love. It's nice for me when I see them as each one is a little memory for myself. I have always believed about tattoos meaning something to a person, a lot of people these days seem to follow fashion and forget that your skin will never be able to change."

conjuring spring

When winter comes, I stop existing. The cold air engraves my throat and congeals my cells to deep sleep. I am a girl made of dying flowers and only through flowers I can survive.

Editorial for C-Heads magazine.
Model, make up: Rosie Whittaker
All the clothes are Rosie's, styled by both of us. Isn't she a doll?

 Some outtakes:

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