revel in nostalgia

for autumn and all the places I want to see
growing up and still not wanting to let go

model is Gintare again, I think I'm going to continue taking pictures of her at least once in a year, because I already did that from 2010 and it should be interesting to look at her grow up in all these pictures. Especially because it was always so hard to tell her age, even when she was little. She's almost 17 now, but she still looks so much younger in some of the pictures.
We shot everything in my house back in Lithuania, love that flat so much.
And none of these are taken on film, though that was the initial idea. It was the evening of a very gloomy dark day and I only had a low ISO film.

childhood is suffocating in a pile of porcelain dolls.
because you think they're alive, moving once you close your eyes and you don't want them to be cold and sad.
like you are.
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