If you've been following me for a while you might have already seen and read how I feel about Harry Potter, but I feel this can be repeated. A lot of times. (You might want to skip all of this if obsessive teenagers feel like aliens to you)
 This is one of those things that are so dear to me that I can't help but feel like tearing up every time I think about it. Because it was magical, relived over and over again, but it's also finished. Every time I cross another thing of my Harry Potter bucket list, it feels like another crushing ending all over again and there's less and less to look forward to. Harry Potter is like a dearest friend that I grew up with, I owe so much of who I am right now to his world, a world I will forever dream about and will never give up hope that someone just mixed up the owls.
For a few years now (since I moved to London) me and my best friend Dovile were planning to go to Warner Bros. studios of Leavesden, to the Harry Potter tour. And I could have just went there so many times, but it HAD to be with her, because it's one of the most important things we share. We actually met so many years ago because of our love for Harry Potter and all the days spent in various Harry Potter forums. Finally, this month, she came to London and we got to see some of the magic. 
     It was so much more than I even expected! It's just incredibly hard to comprehend all the incredible amazing little details that went into this massive franchise, it's all so real and it's all so beautiful! I'm sorry if I spoiled some things if you're still planning to visit, I did try to include more details rather than the actual full settings, but I'm too excited not to share. I can tell that it's only a small part I'm showing here, there was so much to see. It is worth going for the gift shop itself, if I could buy everything there I probably would, though it is really expensive. Also, I know and saw with my own eyes that a lot of people didn't seem to like Butterbeer and it's definitely one of the strangest and unique drinks I ever tasted and that weird yet delicious sweetness of the foam is too much for some, but I did actually love it, though I probably couldn't drink much of it. The month of April turned out to be when they had real owls in the sets, so that was awesome too.

And while we're on Harry Potter theme.. Curious, which Harry Potter characters and books are your favorites? (I know, impossible..) And if you have some interesting stories or experiences to tell connected to it, do tell too!
Me and Dovile being a bit awkward for the only pictures we almost happily agreed to appear in (we kind of needed to have this to remember that day).

To end in an obvious way, but this quote actually makes me want to cry:

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”
― J.K. Rowling



graveyard shift

Featured in April's issue of FUSS mag.
Model and stylist: Cosette Munch. Follow her blog and
I've been a fan of Cosette and her style for few years and now that she's moved to London I had an opportunity to meet up and shoot with her. We both like beautiful graveyards, so we decided to shoot in one of them back in February. The weather was so incredibly nice, you wouldn't think it was winter! And Cosette was such a nice person to spend those few lovely hours with.

And a few behind the scenes shots:

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