tourism of magic for unconventional girls

Editorial for Miss Robin magazine, Postcards issue which you can buy in print here.
Photography: Ailera Stone
Model, styling and make up: Ellie Connor-Phillips

I don't quite remember how I discovered Ellie, but as soon as I saw her unique style that fits her perfectly, similar things we both like and of course her cute freckled looks (it's no surprise for anyone that I love redheads! ;D) I knew I have to shoot with her at some point. And an opportunity came really soon, when Miss Robin announced their Postcards theme and it all just fell into place. I wanted to shoot something in some natural history museum for aaages, but always felt that my ideas for it were not quite there yet, so when Ellie, tourist/postcard/vintage theme came together it all seemed quite perfect. Museum works really well for a tourist inspired story, but I didn't want to leave it at just that, as I remembered how I felt when I came there first - it was so beautiful and breathtaking, closest to Hogwarts than anything I've seen, so I decided to include a magical aspect too and show that even girls that do seemingly regular things (like going candy shopping, to the bookstore or visiting a museum) might feel like they're actually navigating a world of enchantment and hide secret magic in them that breaks through.

Another blog post coming soon with lots of film+instax images from this shoot as the story now is not fully complete.

Doesn't she totally look like redhead Elle Fanning in the one below?

and her infinite sadness

So during most of my shoots I don't only shoot with my digital camera (it's definitely my main one), I also take pictures on 35mm film and Polaroid. These were all taken on Canon AE-1.
These first ones are from the shoot inspired by movie The Stoker, with:
Model: Ellie @ Profile models
Stylist: Nina Blace
MUA: Gaile Juknyte
With clothing from Miss Patina and Leftovers Brixton.
I have two blog posts with digital pictures from this shoot: here and here.
Another shoot, this time a collaboration with one of my favorite fashion bloggers - Cosette Munch. Styled and modeled by her.
Main pictures can be seen on my blog here.
Next shoot was done for FUSS magazine in January, featuring gorgeous lingerie by Yelena Buck,
modeled by Lara @ Profile models and make up done by my sister Dovile Tiriute.
Blog post with the main pictures can be seen on my blog here.
And last (for now) was the shoot that was most recently released about two scout girls and appeared in Coco Indie magazine.
Models are: Annie and Gracie @ Profile models
Styling: Naomi Olivia
MUA: Laura Naish
Hair: Suze Smethurst

All the pictures from the shoot are here.

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