the wind that gets stuck in autumn's hair

Last autumn I had a shoot (it could be called yearly by now) with Gintare, and this is it, she's all grown up now. So strange to realize how many years have passed! This was probably our quickest shoot ever and it took us probably only 30 minutes, because it just got dark and I knew I'd leave Lithuania soon and won't have a chance to shoot with her for a while. Since we shot so many times I wanted to go for something completely different that I never do for her and we went for a really dark autumn (and slightly gothic) theme, which involved me doing a not so good job with her make up (in my defense I had to do it in like 3 minutes). And we both agreed that make up that is this dark doesn't really suit her that much, but it was interesting to try. She also cut most of her hair, so it's definitely a different look for her.
What do you think?
The flower full-cap was lent to us by Make Heads Turn.

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